Monday, 7 November 2016

How to Handle a Difficult Boss

What should you do if your boss in your workplace is very difficult to deal with?
He literally  makes life in workplace miserable for you

What option will you choose
a.      Try all possible means to please him?
b.      Report him to management?
c.       Just keep quiet and continue working?

No, not that.

One thing you need to remember is that your boss is also an employee just like you.
Also take note that one  important step in handling challenges in the office is adopting the right communication method.

Steps to take:
Step 1: Find a good time to speak with him(when he is in a good mood). Let him know how you feel about his attitude toward you. Speak in a respectful and polite way. You may do this a number of times.

2Step 2:  Speak to a friend of his. No! no! Do not report him! Just find out another person in higher position that is close to him. Explain matters clearly. Let him speak on your behalf, that is, let him speak good about you to your boss. Then follow up with him to know the outcome.

3Step 3:   Speak to the HR boss informally if possible

SStep 4:     Speak to his boss if possible. That is, talk to your boss’ boss.

Step 5:      Write. This is the last resort when all efforts have failed. What will you write though? And to Who?

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