Friday, 11 November 2016

About Workers Book

Workers Book is a network of millions of employees around the world as well as legal professionals who volunteer their time and resources to assist fellow employees in issues relating to work conditions.

Workers Book allows employees around the world to anonymously report any form of abuse by their employer, or violation of employee's rights. This would allow volunteer legal team to look into the situation and handle it as necessary.

Why Workers Book
Workers Book was created out of concerns of many employees whose rights have been violated by their employers but have choose tor remain silent for fear of loosing their jobs. Although it's not the objective of Workers Book to create disaffection between employees and their employers, we also recognize that employees rights and freedom should be respected.

There are hundreds of incidents currently being reviewed by Workers Book legal volunteers. These are cases where employees that have worked for many years are dismissed, terminated, put on redundancy, suspended etc without any good reason.

There are also cases under review of employees being harassed and molested on a day to day basis in their various workplaces and they continued to remain silence just to keep the job. Some cases even involves physical assault by a Manager!

Very soon we would publish details of these sad reports and provide you with relevant information including:

  • The Employer Name/The Company
  • The Victim/The Employees name
  • Date of Abuse/Incident
  • Detailed report of incident
  • How it was handled
  • The progress so far by Workers Book

Do keep up with checking Workers Book and be sure you would have updates from around the world.
Also feel free to submit a report or refer anyone who may need assistance to Workers Book.
Thank you for your time.

For any additional information please email:

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