Friday, 11 November 2016

Become a Writer Today

Do you volunteer your time and resources to assist in editing and reviewing employee reports?

Then you can easily become a Workers Book Writer.

Here are the steps to follow:
1. Fill and Submit the Contact form
2. Write an application with the Title "Application for Role of Writer"
3. Submit a copy of this application and a brief profile to

Existing Writer Moderators would examine the request and within 3 days of the application, you would receive a response.

If you qualify as a writer, then a few verification would me made to ensure that you are actually the real applicant. This verification include:

1. A phone call to the phone number specified
2. An brief oral interview
3. Email to complete a questionnaire that would be sent to.

Once the email is completed, you would receive a final success email and a description of the procedure you need to follow and then you can start writing!

You would also receive you user login credentials that would enable you publish your posts.

Thank you for your time.

For any inquiries you can email:

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