Friday, 27 January 2017

Give Me One Reason Why I Should not Give Specific Details!

Give Me On Reason Why I Should not Give Specific Details!

I would like to thank you again for stopping by.
I have been provoked to make this article in response to repeated call from different quarters telling me I should not give specific details of events happening in my workplace. The article have to do with “How to Succeed in a Challenging Work Environment”. I appreciate the advice of these well-meaning person. 
I want to point out that I write strictly for learning purposes and dissemination sound information.
But, I have a bad news, though. The fact is that I have dozens of articles with specific details including names of the company, the persons involved in the events, the phone numbers and other relevant details needed to verify any article I am going to write. And I am going to publish them, if not me, someone else would still publish all of them if necessary and at the right time. As for all these persons telling me not to include the specific details like actual names in my articles, my question for them is,
  • What is one good reason why I should not do that?
  • What would make your articles authentic if  it is not verifiable and contain specific details?
  • Why should we be afraid of expressing our view in this information age? Or are we still living in the dark ages?
  • Beside why should one not speak out especially in a situation that personally affects him?
I would like to point out clearly that the first step in giving advice is to first make effort to understand the situation and circumstances of the  person expressing his objections. Then you will be in the right position to give a well thought-out and informed advice.

Why I choose to Write
 I would take some few lines to let you know why I decided to express my views in writing.

1. My IT Background: As an Information Technology Professional, I feel the obligation to pass authentic and verifiable information to those who need it. I work as a Lead Software Engineer in the ICT Department and as such would not cringe in fear of expressing sound facts and relevant supporting arguments and details.
2. I have the Facts: Another important point is that I’m not just making up stories. I actually relate based on situations I have experienced or I have been through. As such I have the guarantee that the actual facts are presented as they are and lessons can be learnt from it.

3. I Feel a Relieve: Generally, if expressions are kept inside, it sometimes leads to depression or other more serious effects. So I found out that when I express myself in writing, then, I could feel some kind of relieve that some burden has been taken off my chest.

Reasons Not Why I Choose to Write This subtitle seems not clear  to me but I would like the point out that I’m not writing for negative reasons. So I would say the reasons below are not and never would be reasons for my writing. I strictly write for learning purposes.
  • I don’t intend to undermine the reputation of anyone or any organization. As I repeatedly mentioned I write to teach and inform
  • I don’t write to fight a cause. I don’t have anything to fight for, so I’m not writing to fight any authority or to draw some attention to some cause.
Once again, I would like to thank everyone that have advised me, I sincerely appreciate and for sure this response shows that I’ve carefully considered your advice. 

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